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Friday, 1 August 2014

Floating Market at Bangkok - A photo Essay

Although I have made several trips to Bangkok in the past, I have never visited the famous floating market for one silly reason that I am too lazy to wake up early to go for shopping. Okay, I admit, I am not the shopping type too, but this is one of the ‘must-see’ tourist attractions, I had decided to make a trip this time.

It took us three hours to reach rural floating market of Damnoen Saduak situated 110 kms west of Bangkok. I started the journey at 6am, but reached only around 9:30am. (I am not an early riser, so I slept most of the way and missed out the fabulous view outside my window) Ah well!

By the time we reached, the sun was up, weather was warm, and some people had brought their umbrellas to float in shade

But the true fun is rowing in a paddle boat, freely down the river, surrounded by wooden houses and vendors on the either side, with hundreds of boats, paddling side by side, ready to bargain and sell.

There were some pretty houses on the route to the market, how interesting it is to sit in the balcony facing just waters...


Or watching the tourist from up above

The tourist seemed happy to just go clicking, they were sure they would find something different and some memories to take back home

For those who did not wish to go boating there was a market on either side and a bridge connecting sides, but the pretty sight was watching boats under the bridge

The water was dirty but nobody cared....we kept our hands closer to our body and water did not splash

Interesting part was the food stuff that was sold on land and also in boats

The boats rowed so close that we bumped many times

The vendors with fixed boats had a long stick with a hook, when our boat paddled closer to their stall, they gripped our boat with the long stick to bring it closer for discussion and selling

Those in larger boats could not shop, I think that was mainly for rowing experience

They bargain using their fingers, because they don’t speak English. But still it is easy to communicate with them

The woman cut fruits while she waited for some clients, she stored them in plastic bags

The man had a huge snake around his neck and he offered to rent it to a tourist for a photograph

There were pretty bags, I could not resist buying, but yes..I bargained too with just gestures

and Oh! lovely painting for sale too

I was veg on that day, so I just ate veg spring rolls with sweet was delicious

It was lovely afternoon, enjoyed a lot...a great experience too...

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