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Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Celebration 2014

The party had started two weeks before the real event. Since I was recovering from my illness, most of my time was spent at home. But thanks to the technology, I was not really alone. WatsApp was my contact with outside world. Messages kept pouring all day long from the different groups keeping me entertained throughout the day.

And so the planning for the Christmas party began with my friends at ‘Elbow Room’ a group of friends who have lived at 36th road, Bandra in the past and now are scattered to different parts of the Mumbai and some out of Mumbai too.

First discussion is always about food. 

The menu was sorted out assigning different food and drinks to all members. Two friends (one from Australia and other from Pune) promised their presence spiritually while one friend (from Bangalore) decided to send a Christmas cake. Over fifteen days, we discussed about the party, of what we plan to eat, (we wanted only home-cooked food made by each member, Red was the theme, so we asked everybody to dress in red, and we ordered Red-velvet cake) Watsapp messages were mainly chatting and joking, the celebration growing its momentum as the day approached.

 Since most of our planning was done on Watsapp, our cake was unique with smiley that we normally use during our chat.

On Christmas day, two friends arrived at 11am to help me with party preparations such as packing of gifts and sorting things for the party (balloon, party caps). The greatest charm of any party is the gifts, no matter what value the gift may be; it’s the wrapped surprise that brings joy. I had wrapped lots of gifts to give aways during games

By one o’clock most of the friends had arrived, (we were nine of us) after greeting and chit-chat, we sat for lunch. We had wanted everything home-cooked, therefore everybody had spend the morning cooking (someone complained that she was late because chopping took too much time) We had potato and cauliflower Parathas,  Channa Masala, Dhoklas and patras with spicy green chutney, mung salad, Bhoondi raita, berry juice, and one sweet dish.

Passing the parcel was the interesting game that had the most creative ‘punishments’, which was not actually a punishment but a creatively told story on the topic given, with mime and action. The winner was the one who expressively discouraged a friend from coming to Mumbai.

This was followed with the game of Bingo, no money exchanged for buying the ticket, but three surprise gifts allotted for full house.

The next game was the hilarious one that has us in splits. The person had to be blindfolded and was given a basket of cotton balls on her lap. One hand held the plate above her head, while the other hand held a spoon. In the fixed time of one minute, she had to pick the cotton ball with a spoon and place it on the plate above her head. The person with maximum number of cotton balls was the winner.

The final session was on karaoke and we spend most of the evening singing.

By 6pm, goodbyes began, everybody leaving in small groups, the last group left at around 9pm.

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