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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Year That It Was- 2014

2014 as been a fantastic year even though I had started the year with a pain (fracture in my knee and couldn’t walk for a month) and ended with a pain (foot sprain and homebound for full month of December.

But then that’s life. Pain is the part of my life, otherwise this has been a very eventful year.

January witnessed a family reunion at Jaipur during the family wedding. Even though I was in pain, and the cold was unbearable for me but spending time with my cousins was rewarding.

During the first three months of the year clicked pictures for #100HappyDays with my FB virtual friends celebrating life in pictures

A trip to Krabi and Bangkok during the month of June was very eventful. Attended a family wedding that was quite different from the other weddings in the sense it was very informal and very exciting.

June was also the month of the release of my cookbook #SindhiCusine, that I launched in Krabi at the beach party and it has been a great success.

September was the special month, much excitement over the redevelopment of my 50years old building. I have moved to a rented place for two years and looking forward to going back to a brand new house after two years

This year also saw the graduation in medicine of my niece, of whom I am very proud.

There have been many poetry and literature events that I have attended during this year but the online story contest was fun where I grouped with 10 more bloggers and created a story during the month of August to celebrate Blogging.

This year made 20 new friends during my trip to Lonavala, same age, same taste, a group of friends I hope to hold on for life.

On the creative front, have made three paintings in acrylics, all given away in gifts (for house warming and wedding gifts)

Most of my reading has been done online, reading stories on Flipboard, ISSU and friend’s blogs but offline, I have managed to read only six books during this year.

Greatest happiness was that my school completed 25 years of service and there was a great celebration this year.

Unfortunately, I lost one close friend Monika pant who succumbed to Cancer. A good writer and a friend.

Have been very active on my food blog this year, visiting different restaurants and reviewing products and hotels. Have made overall around 193 blog posts this year.

Have no plans for the next year, don't know what improvement I need, what went wrong, but I hope 2015 will be equally good, I will enjoy each day as it comes, savoring each moment, for the better or for the worse….and yes..I will now learn to walk more carefully on Mumbai roads in future….

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