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Saturday, 1 December 2007

attending offline meeting with Global Sindhis

There is a Global Sindhi Network of which I am a member. We interact on line, sharing Sindhi culture and customs and many other things. And sometimes we meet offline in some restaurant to give a face to the name and interact. After nearly a year, I was finally able to make it for this month’s meet, and surprisingly at the same venue…at Chembur Gymkhana, the only difference was the venue being busy with week-end diners, the pool area was packed and we had to dine in an AC den, in a group of only seven. I was wondering where the others had fizzled out? There is a high percentage of lurkers on the GS, who are very much interested in Sindhi culture, and have happily joined the group, but if the sharing of knowledge is just absorbing the information, without any input or opinions, then, it won’t be long before this thread dies too. To be the member of any group, we make our presence in print or presence, which unfortunately (I am sorry to say) it lacks here, on this network. But, the dinner was fun with Haresh Tolani’s anecdotes which kept us in splits. We opted for veg meal of harbara kababs, spring rolls and ghatiya savories that I drowned it with virgin mary. The main course comprised of dhal, rotis, mixed veg and paneer and dessert was delicious flan and fruit topped with ice-cream. The meeting was good, smaller group, more interaction with discussions ranging from internet trade, business on net, different internet social networks and films. There was not much discussion on Sindhi culture except practicing few words and quizzing our knowledge on typical Sindhi words. One Sindhi word which Sonu C said, was unknown to all of us……. It was almost 12 when it was time to go home, Haresh, Bina and Sonu B were kind enough to drop me in Bandra, even though it meant re-routing their trip…the friendship has just begun.

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....

"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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