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Monday, 12 May 2008

Visit to Ghana and Togo

Before I came to Africa, I thought Africa is one big country, just to be recognised as east, west, north or South Arica not realising it as a continent that it is. I see Europe as the group of different countries in Europe and Asia as the group of different countries in Asia and moving from one country to another, I have been exposed to a completely different culture and custom and it is something to be accepted. But Africa…I always thought as a whole one country and that is when I was ridiculed at my ignorance. When I was to go from Nigeria to Ghana and I was to take an international flight and change the currency and take Visa, I was surprised. But like we go from India to Bangkok, we see the difference in culture, language, currency but that’s the difference we don’t find when we travel from one African country to another.there is hardly any difference between two countries in Africa.. So don’t blame…me On the periphery, we don’t see much difference. While Nigeria was more community based and there are huge iron doors everywhere, separating one residential area from another. In Ghana it is more lively and Lome is quite scenic. Apart from this, I didnt see much change in behavior of the natives, nor could I differentiate their culture or style After staying for four days in Acra, we decide to go to neighboring country Togo for few days. We hired a taxi to reach the border and then cross over and take another transport. Never in my life have I ever crossed the border between two countries by foot! and this is what I did this time when i crossed the border between Ghana and Togo. we took a taxi rite upto the border of Ghana and then walk through the nomans' land to a new country Togo. The formalities were similar like one we experience at the international airports, that is immigration, visa and checkpost but we did all that on the road. In the middle of the road! There are ill managed bulidings with the officers sitting on the wooden benches and issuing Visa. It took us one hour to finish all the formalities and then we were in a new country. Immediately after the border, there was a market place followed by the ride from the border to the house, a pleasant ride with a beach all the way lined with rows of coconut trees.

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....

"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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