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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Ethnic Fair at Lake Michigan

Going to an ethnic fair by the lakeside seemed like a good idea. After lunch of hamburgers at Edzo’s we headed towards the Michigan lake.

It made a pretty scene, people with picnic basket spread on the grass, children cycling through concrete path, rows of white tents exhibiting different things like art, food, culture and fashion garments.

The park buzzed with lots of art activity at every stall, with children picking up rags and weaving into a beautiful rug, some art class on making beaded jewelry,

We wished we had come here earlier and had lunch at the food stall here. The food looked so delicious, and the air was filled with fragrance of roasted meat. 

We were able to nibble on roasted corn coated with mustard sauce, melted cheese and red chilies
and fresh spicy mango.

The evening looked promising, but suddenly clouds got darker, blocking the sun, and then there was thunder followed by heavy rain.

While I sat under shed, waiting for rain to stop, the weather grew fierce, dragging the objects hither and thither, some of the tents toppled, nobody was prepared for this storm, people who could not wait, walked at faster pace, drenched from head to toe.

We had to cut short our evening at the lake and rush back home.

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