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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Stroll through Millennium Park in Downtown Chicago

This Wednesday, my family and I drove through the heart of downtown Chicago, through glittering and vibrant lanes, sky scrappers looming high on the either side of the street. I was totally awed by the architecture. I craned my neck ninety degrees upward to stretch my gaze hundred stories upwards till it hurt   

We drove for nearly an hour in the concrete jungle till we came to a large open space; I was attracted to the greenery surrounding this area. We had to stop there to take in the fresh air.

This 25 acres of awe inspiring landscape was Millennium Park that I had heard about before I landed in Chicago, but never knew it to be so beautiful till I actually begun to climb up the steps and explore the space.

The Mozart Piano Concert drew my attention as soon as neared the Pritzker Pavilion. Summer is the best time to be in Chicago, I was told. There were variety of events lined up, like orchestral performance of Romeo and Juliet; and shows featuring the work of classical composers like Beethoven and Mozart and people were dotted across the pavilion in a picnic mood, stretched on the grass with family and friends, enjoying the music.

I wish I had come here earlier, because this is the place one can spend all day just lazing in the park. I also noticed some high-tech outdoor music and lighting system at The Pritzker Pavilion and was informed that there is free film screenings each Tuesday during this summer till September, with sound and image crystal clear all the way back of the green lawn, so wherever you set up your chairs or blankets, you can enjoy the movie experience.

Another beautiful structure that interested me much was  the Cloud Gate also called ‘The Bean’ a bean shaped stainless steel structure that reflected not only Chicago’s skyline but also all the people in the park. I caught different images from different angles walking on all sides and under it. The reflections on the steel structure created beautiful panorama of images.

Unfortunately it was a cloudy day, or else the sunset would have looked beautiful on this curved surface.

This is the must-see place in Chicago; it is signature landmark at East Randolph street (between Michigan Ave and Columbus Ave.

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