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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Getting connected with a Sindhi across the border...

On Sindhi Global network I got connected with a Sindhi from Pakistan, who gave me some insight about the Sindhis living across the border. He sounded distressed that we are divided over the religion and all the educated Sindhis migrated and only the uneducated landlords stayed behind who only saw their own benefits. He was wondering if we could be united again by common language, culture and tradition. Our forefathers were driven out of their comfort zone and left to fend for themselves. What do we know about what they left behind? And will the youth of tomorrow care? Our parents left penniless, leaving behind their wealth, their emotions and their language. They carried their culture and their tradition with them, but we must not forget that they went to a strange land, and adapted to it. What can you do with Sindhi language in a foreign land? Can you do business? Can you survive without learning to speak in their common language? I have never been to Pakistan to view the life styles of the land and we have little knowledge about the traditions and culture followed back there….we have no communications with the Sindhis living beyond that border, so in what way can we identify with it? We have heard stories, lots of them from our parents who lived there….they would speak about their happy memories in those narrow lanes…about the food they enjoyed, about the traditions that they followed but are they still there? We have no idea. The media paints a different picture. We teach children to speak Sindhi at home (and it sound cute when a three year old speaks that language) but to live in a society of various culture, we learn different language, and we need to, but adhering to the language is difficult. We don’t have schools and colleges to promote the language, nah, not in a foreign land. But can we do something about it now? What we can do now is just to be a good human being and waste no time in making a fuss over what we have already lost. We don’t want people branding Sindhi and saying nasty things. We don’t like people says that “Sindhis are fighting crabs” or “Sindhis are like that only” or “You are Sindhi if you…..” we want to be remembered as a good human being, each one of us are unique in our own way…not somebody to be ridicule at. We need to move on. If we can revive the language, then we can do so…but to be on practical side, it is better not to expect much, because the youth of today have already adapted to the foreign land and they need to speak in the language which is for their progress. We are Sindhis who are successful, who concentrate more on business or jobs and are peace loving people. We mind our own business and have no land to fight for. We still have culture and traditions which we do follow and it is on that string we can all hang on…… However, he send some interesting videos that were worth watching.. pleasant to the ears (Sindhi music) and pleasant to eyes…..(Sindhi folks back home) Watch some Sindhi Videos 'HERE'
It is fantastic

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