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Thursday, 6 March 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 62 Home Science Class

Happiness is attending a home science class of special children.

Ask any food blogger for a recipe of dhal and rice and he may look at you with a raised eyebrow. This meal is the simplest and the most basic dish to make. But then, with special children, it is not so simple; it has to be taught, like many other things.

So today, I sat in a home-science class and closely observed eight special children while they happily stood in the kitchen learning the technique of making dhal and rice. They learnt to distinguish different spices by touch, color, smell and taste, they learnt about the value of hygiene during cooking, they learnt about quantity and quality of the food used during kitchen.

When the dish was ready for taste, there was a smile on every face in the room.

So here I am, with the project of 100 Happy DaysI am posting pictures each day here on my blog then sharing the link on my page on FB too. You can enjoy my work either here or on my page at FB at Pushee’s World

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