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Monday, 24 March 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 80 Favorite Dhal

Happiness is cooking to revive childhood memories.

One of my favorite meals is 'Mah ki dhal with puffed buttered chapati.' The memories of enjoying this particular dhal traces back to childhood days, when my uncle used to enter the kitchen to churn out his favorite cuisine.

The word would spread around the house that nobody should enter the kitchen on that particular day; all the women of the house could attend to the other chores of the house and let uncle rule the kitchen. There were no pressure cookers and kitchen gadgets in those days, so the dhal would take hours to simmer on low charcoal fire. Everybody would wait anxiously for this special meal, and although it was just a simple dhal, it was cooked elegantly emitting rich flavors. At the end of the meal, everybody in the house would praise uncle profusely for having cooked a masterpiece.

Today, during lunch, I missed my uncle but had made the dhal following his recipe.

So here I am, with the project of 100 Happy DaysI am posting pictures each day here on my blog then sharing the link on my page on FB too. You can enjoy my work either here or on my page at FB at Pushee’s World

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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