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Monday, 20 January 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 17 - 55’er on Love

Happiness is ‘Getting inspired to write with prompts’.

I get inspiration to write from my blogger friends at @Marathon Bloggers on FB. So this week, besides putting our best photographs, we will also write 55’ers. I have decided to club the two themes, know not how far will I succeed but the prompt for today is ‘love’

So here is my 55’ers on my picture taken at the photograph exhibition

Behind the closed doors, he dressed exactly like in the picture, dark pink dhoti, golden tiara, flower garlands around wrist and neck.

“Ahmed,” screamed Sakina as Ahmed tried to hide the flute behind his back. “Your Appa will be upset.”

“Just once, Amma, lets keep this secret between us.” The sweet music flooded the room

 So here I am, with the project of 100 Happy DaysI am posting pictures each day here on my blog then sharing the link on my page on FB too. You can enjoy my work either here or on my page at FB at Pushee’s World

Also Clubbing this with a week long 55 word fiction attempt along with Marathon bloggers


  1. Replies
    1. thank u Monika for ur footprints on my page n ur lovely comment :)

  2. That picture is beautiful and you've woven the story so perfectly around it. Lovely take.

    1. Thank u Tulika..I m glad u liked it :)


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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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