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Friday, 17 January 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 15 Basking in Sun

Happiness is ‘merging with nature’.

Mumbai is the city of noise, pollution and population. But there are some pockets of open spaces that are converted into parks. These are the places where one can experience some moments of silence in the company of nature. The sun filters through the trees throwing the lacy shadows on the ground, there is a sweet fragrance of flowers and plants, birds chirp with joy creating a musical moods, butterflies spread happiness, fluttering their wings carelessly.

It’s a pure bliss to walk through the dirt path and explore the inner solitude.

 So here I am, with the project of 100 Happy DaysI am posting pictures each day here on my blog then sharing the link on my page on FB too. You can enjoy my work either here or on my page at FB at Pushee’s World

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....

"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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