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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 13 Chopping Veggies

Happiness is ‘Chopping vegetables the way you wish’.

Chopping Vegetables is a skill and an enjoyable activity. I can never understand why people depend on helpers to do this task. Some even dump their veggies into the food processor to get the quick results. Okay, I agree, I do that too sometimes. But chopping vegetables is an art. The act of slicing through the soft flesh with sharp knife, and getting the sweet fragrance of the veggies is a pure joy.

There are different ways to chop vegetables. When you wish to make Chinese fried rice, veggies should be chopped very fine and slant wise. When cooking for noodles, it needs to be chopped lengthwise. For biryani it is in big square pieces, and in curry, you can just dump it whole after slicing off the ends.

With carving knife, we can give good shapes and make artistic visual presentations on salads. There is art everywhere that only chef understands. Chopping veggies is the extension of cooking because only the chef knows what taste will emerge from the veggies chopped in a certain way. If done wrong, there are chances of veggies half cooked or overcooked and soggy.

Chopping veggies is an art that I love as much as the art of cooking itself.

So here I am, with the project of 100 Happy DaysI am posting pictures each day here on my blog then sharing the link on my page on FB too. You can enjoy my work either here or on my page at FB at Pushee’s World

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